Google Rolls Out New Analytics Solutions Gallery

The Google Analytics Solution Gallery features solutions focused on campaigns dedicated to branding, marketing e-commerce, lead generation and more.

  • Analytics dashboards – The Google Analytics dashboards provide a performance overview by displaying summaries of different reports on a single page.
  • Custom reports – Customize the metrics in a report to gain insight into user/visitor behavior.
  • Advanced segments – Apply predefined segments to your Google Analytics to measure the impact of your visitors. In the example Google provides, you could specifically track all users who visited at least three pages and who stayed on your site for more than three minutes.
  • The user interface of the Google Analytics Solution Gallery allows you to select the type of report, the solution you seek, and the marketing function you want to track. The result is a list of related dashboards, segments and custom reports.

Google makes each dashboard easy to install by simply providing you with a download button to choose the correct profile from your Google Analytics account. Visit the Analytics Solution Gallery to learn more.

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