Blogging: Use These Tools To Write To Your Audience

If you want to maximize the potential of your blog posts, you need to invest some upfront time thinking about your audience and the keywords they might use to find what you've written.

In a recent MarketingProfs piece, online marketing strategist Tommy Walker offers some great insights that go well beyond the basic Google Keyword Tool Research. Keyword research is an essential step, to be sure, but it really is just the beginning. You can use all kinds of searches to determine whether your content has an audience. Here are just a few content research tools Walker recommends:

Topsy: Top links being shared on Twitter or Google+
Google Trending Searches: The hottest Google searches happening right now
Google Trends: The relative interest on a given search over time
Yahoo Trending News: The hottest searches happening on Yahoo News
YouTube Trends Dashboard: Today's top videos by country, city, age, and gender
YouTube Trends Blog: Data-driven research behind different video trends and why they happen—essential to understanding what makes a video viral
BottleNose: Real-time social analytics tool, first of its kind, and too cool to describe in a one line snippet
popurls: All of the top stories from all the major news aggregators such as Digg, Reddit, Huffpo

By running your content idea through the gamut of these tools, you can find out whether your content is going to be viable for an audience. And by observing what's trending, you can modify your strategic approach to extend the reach of your content.

Give it a try. Not all of them are going to be a good fit for you or your audience. But if you're going to invest the time an energy it takes to write a blog post, you might as well make sure you have a viable and receptive audience.

Read more from Walker on MarketingProfs.

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