LiveEdit Event Sales & Marketing Details/Calendar


Event Sales & Marketing Processes and Guidelines

To increase collaboration, and to ensure we've done the proper networking while creating and shipping the appropriate support pieces, we'll use the following processes and guidelines for our event sales and marketing efforts.

Check Events Listing/Complete Details Form

Event information will be collected in a Google Drive spreadsheet. Before entering an event, check the spreadsheet to see if someone has entered the event information: Event Spreadsheet. If an event isn't entered, browse to the Event Marketing Details Form (below). Fill it out as completely as possible so that all of our event attendance information lives in one place but can be viewed and edited by the entire sales and marketing events team.

Add To Calendar

As we become aware of events that we will attend, we need to add them to the Events - Sales/Marketing calendar (below). We'll use a Red, Yellow, Green color scheme. Red is an event we considered attending but cancelled. Yellow is an event for which we're still deciding whether to attend. And Green is an event we will attend.

Each event should have triggered reminders to give each team member advance notice to get their work done. Start by clicking on an existing event and then select the "More details" link. That will open the existing event in Google. Follow the steps below to create a new event from an existing event.