Paid Services Request Form - LiveEdit Inside

Please fill out the info below for the Client needing work done. 

Process & Workflow

The entry points for most requests are: Design, Welcome Team, Sales, Training, Client Service and Support:

1. Josh has created a Paid Services Request form:

2. Design, Welcome Team, Sales, Training, Client Service or Support will fill out the form and the data will drop into our SF account as a lead. Please, include ALL client information (name, email, phone number and LE URL).

3. Alyssa will qualify and convert to an opportunity then assign to a sales person

4. The respective sales person will then contact the client and "sell" the opportunity within the guidelines of a "billable hours" formula.

5. Upon "winning" an opportunity a "project information" email (or futuristic form) will be sent to Marci and she will generate a project in SmartSheets and assign to the respective designer OR fulfillment team

6. The designer OR fulfillment team will then complete the project - no need for a feedback loop on these projects

7. Please, let the respective person know that project has been completed.


What qualifies as "Paid Services"?

1. First determine if the request comes in PRIOR to launch or AFTER launch

2. If request comes in prior to launch there is a high likelihood the request will usually come in through Design, Welcome Team or Sales

 - at this point, subjectively determine to the best of your ability what falls outside of the "package" scope and fill out the form accordingly








3. If request comes in after launch there is a likelihood the request will also come in through Training, Client Service or Support

 - Many, if not most, requests coming in after launch may be characterized as "out of scope"

 - Design, Welcome Team, Sales, Training, Client Service and Support will again, fill out the form