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State-Of-The-Art Hosting In A Scalable Cloud Environment

Picture racks of servers in a data center. Together, these servers work as a massive pool of resources. Divided, these servers become a virtual cloud. Because of the cloud-based server structure, LiveEdit can scale data on demand while always providing continuous support.

We Have A Guaranteed Up Time Of 99.9 Percent

All of LiveEdit's technology solutions reside in a cloud environment to maximize scalability and reliable uptime. We can scale servers on demand while always providing continuous support. We guarantee that our data center network will be available 99.9 percent of the time in any given monthly period, excluding scheduled maintenance. We also guarantee that data center heating, ventillation, air conditioning and power will be functioning 99.9 percent of the time in any given monthly period, excluding scheduled maintenance.

Our Data Centers are Type II Certified

SAS70 (also known as Type II Audit) is a widely recognized auditing standard that showcases how a service organization has performed, based on an in-depth audit of their control objectives and activities. The control objectives and activities are determined by the organization, and are based on established policies and procedures within the organization. Learn more about SAS70.

We Employ Best Practices Disaster Recovery Solutions

LiveEdit runs daily backups and has subsets stored in multiple data centers to limit the length of time of potential disruption of service while at the same time preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure critical to each organization's website services after a natural or human-induced disaster.

Your Source Code Is Always Safe And Secure

Your source code - the code that drives and powers your digital marketing platform - is positioned for deposit with a third-party agent to ensure access and maintenance in the unlikely event that LiveEdit or any of its technology partners should experience bankruptcy, dilution, hostile change of control, natural disaster, or any other scenario in which there is no succession strategy.

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