ASTG Support

American Spirit Technology Group provides two ways to receive support. The first is by visiting your designated help portal where we provide many step by step instructions and video tutorials. From the portal you are also able to submit a support ticket. The second is a call by appointment through our Account Access Portal.
NOTE: All appointments must be made 24 hours in advance and are subject to availability.

How to Access your Support Portal

1. Login to your site by placing /login at the end of your site URL. Example:
2. Navigate to the help option in the user interface and click on it.

The help option will be next to your profile name or under it when you hover over your profile name.

1.0 Help

1.5 Help


How to Schedule a Support Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please click here and login to our Account Access Portal. From within your account you will see the option to schedule an appointment.